Aerospace Range.

Aircraft seat design requires collaboration across multiple skill sets and with Lighting being a core part of this, we consult with not only the OEMs but also Aircraft Seat Designers and Airline Interiors teams. 

Explore our range below from Reading lights to Touchscreen displays. We are adding new products regularly.


The majority of our Aerospace products are qualified and flying, please get in contact to discuss further your requirements.



Sirocco S Front_Off_Edit1.png
Sirocco S Front_On_Edit1.png
Zephyr S Front Off_Edit.png
Zephyr S Front On_Edit.png
Sirocco SW Front Off_Edit.png
Sirocco SW Front On_Edit.png
Mono CS Front On_Edit.png
Mono CS Front Off_Edit.png
Ostro Front Off_Edit.png
Ostro Front On_Edit.png


Zephyr Front Off_Edit.png
Zephyr Front On_Edit.png
Sirocco Front On_Edit.png
Sirocco M Front Off_Edit.png
Sirocco M Front On_Edit.png
Stellar Front Off_Edit.png
Stellar Front On_Edit.png
Sirocco II Front Off_Edit.png
Sirocco II Front On_Edit.png
Cyclone Front Off_Edit.png
Cyclone Front On_Edit.png
Sirocco ID Front Off_Edit.png
Sirocco ID Front On_Edit.png
Stratus Front Off_Edit.png
Stratus Front On_Edit.png
Alto Front Off_Edit.png
Alto Front On_Edit.png
Aquillo Front Off_Edit.png
Aquillo Front On_Edit.png
Bora Front On_Edit.png
Kona Front On_Edit.png


Diablo T Front Off_Edit.png
Diablo T Front On_Edit.png
Diablo W Front Off_Edit.png
Diablo W Front On.png
Salano Front Off_Edit.png
Salano Front On_Edit.png
Libeccio Front Off_Edit.png
Libeccio Front On_Edit.png
Spinnaker Front Off_Edit.png
Spinnaker Front On_Edit.png
Levante Front Reading_Edit.png
Levante Front Ambient_Edit.png

Flexible Stem.


UV Air Filtration.

Sirona Front On_Edit.png
Sirona Front Off_Edit.png

Display Screens.

SIP Touch Front Off_Edit.png
SIP Touch Front On_Edit.png
Ambient Sip Front Off_Edit.png
Ambient Sip Front On_Edit.png

Wash Lights.

Oroshi Front Off_Edit.png
Oroshi Front On_Edit.png
Cirrus Capsule Front Off_Edit_Beads.png
Cirrus Capsule Front On_Edit_Beads.png

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