The SIP Screen is a high definition Seat Identification Part.  The Screen displays seat information to the customer to ensure easy seat navigation. The SIP screen can also be used to display information to cabin crew allowing requests to be communicated
efficiently between passengers and crew. The intended installation is within a near vertical panel aisle facing. 
Seat Numbers can be programmed as part of the screen setup when installed to allow one Part Number to be supplied.


Product is activated by an in-seat switch being pressed, touchscreen options available.

Available with and without a bezel.

SIP Touch Front Off_Edit.png
SIP Touch Front On_Edit.png

Hover to illuminate.

Titanium Anodised Swatch_Edit.png
Clear Anodised Swatch_Edit.png
Bronze Anodised Swatch_Edit.png
Black Anodised Swatch_Edit.png
Polsihed Nickel Swatch_Edit.png


Each SIP Screen is expertly machined out of Aluminium. This metallic composition is not only lightweight, but it also allows for a variety of high quality finishes and colours. These combinations include:

Black Anodised, Anodised Bronze, Clear Anodised, Polished Nickel, Anodised Titanium.


Display Screen.