Diablo T

The Diablo T is a table light with a simple but effective understated design. With each detail being carefully considered the light design and quality is top class. 

The light emits a warm diffused light that creates a soothing environment for the passenger. 

Up to 6 level switching is available.  



Each Diablo T light is expertly machined out of Aluminium. This metallic composition is not only lightweight but it also allows for a variety of high quality finishes and colours. These combinations include:

Black Anodised, Anodised Bronze, Clear Anodised, Gold Plated,                 Polished Nickel, Anodised Titanium.



Options of different tone LED’s is also available.  We can also provide a wide spectrum upon request.

Beadlight's LED tone ranges from a warm soft light 2700K up to a bright white light at 6500K.