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Our Full Product Range.

Beadlight operates in four main sectors of the LED industry: Aerospace, Maritime, Medical and Contract.



Sirocco SW Detail 1.png
Sirocco S Front_Detail 2.png
Zephyr S Detail 1.png
Mono CS Detail 2.png


Sirocco M Detail 1.png
Cyclone Detail 2_Edit.png
Stratus Detail 1.png
Stellar Front Detail 1.png


Spinnaker Detail 2.png
Libeccio Detail 2_Edit.png
Salano Iso_Edit.png
Diablo W Detail 2_Edit.png

Flexible Stem.

Nimbus Iso 1.png
Cirrus Front Iso.png
Zonda Iso 1.png
Jetstream Iso 1_Flipped.png

UV Air Filtration.

Sirona Front Detail 2.png
Sirona Front Detail 1.png

Visual Displays.

SIP Touch Detail 2_Edit.png
Ambient Sip Detail 1.png
SIP Touch Detail 1.png
Ambient Sip Detail 2_Edit.png

Wash Lights.

Oroshi Front Detail 1.png
Cirrus Capsule Detail 2.png
Oroshi Front Detail 2_Edit.png
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