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Aurai Ambient.

The Aurai LED is an integrated Seat Identification Part unit with a translucent window.  The window creates an ambient light and can indicate ‘Do Not Disturb’ / ‘Assistance Required’. The intended use is within a near vertical panel with one side aisle facing. The seat number remains lightly illuminated at all times.

The ambient lamp offers light intensities of 100%, 66% and 33%.

Ambient light functionality is activated by a local or in-seat switch being pressed.

Ambient Sip Front Off_Edit.png
Ambient Sip Front On_Edit.png

Hover to illuminate.

Titanium Anodised Swatch_Edit.png
Clear Anodised Swatch_Edit.png
Bronze Anodised Swatch_Edit.png
Black Anodised Swatch_Edit.png
Polsihed Nickel Swatch_Edit.png


Each Ambient SIP is expertly machined out of Aluminium. This metallic composition is not only lightweight, but it also allows for a variety of high quality finishes and colours. These combinations include:

Black Anodised, Anodised Bronze, Clear Anodised, Polished Nickel, Anodised Titanium.

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LED Tone.

Options of different tone LED’s is also available. The light photographed shows the use of cool white LED’s but we can also provide a wide spectrum upon request.

Beadlight's LED tone ranges from a warm soft light 2700K up to a bright white light at 6500K.

LED Light Colours.png
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