SIP Ambient.

The SIP LED is an integrated Seat Identification Part unit with a translucent window.  The window creates an ambient light and can indicate ‘Do Not Disturb’ / ‘Assistance Required’. The intended use is within a near vertical panel with one side aisle facing. The seat number remains lightly illuminated at all times.

The ambient lamp offers light intensities of 100%, 66% and 33%.

Ambient light functionality is activated by a local or in-seat switch being pressed.

Hover to illuminate.


Each Ambient SIP is expertly machined out of Aluminium. This metallic composition is not only lightweight, but it also allows for a variety of high quality finishes and colours. These combinations include:

Black Anodised, Anodised Bronze, Clear Anodised, Polished Nickel, Anodised Titanium.


LED Tone.

Options of different tone LED’s is also available. The light photographed shows the use of cool white LED’s but we can also provide a wide spectrum upon request.

Beadlight's LED tone ranges from a warm soft light 2700K up to a bright white light at 6500K.

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